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Subconscious messages. Smoke signals through blackened lungs. The vital organs of a long forgotten conspiracy. Memory fades as it faces silence. Screams taint the void of dead dreams. Nightmares laugh ironically at a decaying night, awakening the executioners of our senses. Feelings of isolation and catastrophobia, mirrored in the lake of the Ego. Toxic waste. It is only us who construct our own end, not the others; those ones who control our lives,minds and thoughts. Who kill your instincts. The screen became your friend, counterbalancing your loneliness. Love equals Hate. The spectral colours refract an equal Black. Newborns with USB umbilical cords. Machines degenerate our instincts.

Earthly decomposition.

 20140131 153325

                                                                                        'Arachne', welded ready mades, 2014











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